INTERNATIONAL FASHION FESTIVAL in Kotor designed by Fabrika which has organized from 1998. in cooperation with City Kotor.
International fashion event which we have organized from 1995. with the foreign Embassies in Belgrade.
Fabrika recently expanded its operations to include event management and organization beyond the world of fashion, as well as organization of fashion events outside the borders of Serbia and Montenegro. On September 19, 2014. Fabrika organized Italian Fashion Day, an event featuring Renato Balestra’s latest collection at the residence of the Italian Ambassador in Tunisia. And on December 5th, at Hotel Imperial in Abu Dhabi, Fabrika was a co-organizer of a fashion show featuring famous Serbian designers, Igor Todorovic and Verica Rakocevic.
Since 2011, Fabrika positions and organizes a new events, THE PERSONS WITH THE BEST LIFE STYLE in order to decontaminate the Serbian Society of trash, bad taste and disordered system of values.
Between 2004 to 2010, in cooperation with HRH Princess Katarina Karadjordjevic and former Mayor of Belgrade, Radmila Hrustanović, Fabrika organized charity fashion shows at the White Palace in Belgrade, marking Valentine’s Day on February 14. Proceeds from ticket sales for the fashion shows generated significant revenues in support of humanitarian causes and initiatives.

Since the end of 2012, with great results, all of Fabrika’s events have been dedicated to supporting a Children’s Shelter based in Belgrade.
A glamorous, high-level fashion event organized by Fabrika from 1994-1999. At the time, the event was considered as the most important fashion award ceremony in former Yugoslavia. We stopped with the organization of this event following the bombings and economic sanctions imposed on the country, a time when many other fashion companies closed down.